Let Me Capture Your love
Espiyemmm lah .
Friday, July 19, 2013 | 9:59 AM | 0smile
Assalamualaikum :)

Dear SPM , You are really really make my life misareble lately . Seems cepat gila masa berlalu . 

K aku nie bukannya reti nak insaf insaf . Nak pandai tapi malas study . Macam mana tuu ? Hampeh gila kann . Anyway , im freaking out right now . Im relly scared of SPM .  Addmath , Physic , Chemist memang down gila lahh . And now tengah nak upgradekan kepala aku dengan subjek subjek killer tu .

Well , one thing for sure , SPM result doesnt mean anything to our future . We are the one that make the future . Yeah , ofcourse with Allah will . But good result can help go through your future more easily . Good result give uolls more chances ! 

Anyway , SPM is around the corner babes & dudes :D Dah ready belom ? And trial betul betul lepas cuti raya . Hohoho . Dup dap dup dap . How should I go through this tough moment? I planned everything but Im worried if I can't even follow the plans well . Anyway , I pray for all the 96's . Do well in your SPM okay :)